What Do Low Mortgage Rates in a Strong Housing Market Mean for Greenville, SC?

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The nation is seeing historically low mortgage rates. In a booming housing market surrounded by growth, this presents buyers a great opportunity to invest in high-value properties at a low interest rate.

This is especially true for Greenville, South Carolina. Arthur State Bank has two branches in Greenville, and we’ve witnessed the growth and thriving markets there first-hand. Here’s what our lenders are seeing and how Greenville compares to regional and national trends.

“Buyers now have the chance to invest in property likely to continue accumulating value at a relatively low fixed rate.”

-Susan Hicks, VP, Loan Officer at Arthur State Bank

Regional and National Mortgage Trends 
Greenville SC morgages

The average 30-year fixed mortgage in the U.S. currently sits under 5%. South Carolina’s rates mirror the national average quite closely, and both have dropped since last year. Both are relatively low, historically speaking (in the ‘80s, the average 30-year fixed rate reached nearly 20%!).

Since 2008, mortgage rates have mostly fallen. This bodes well for prospective homebuyers looking for a reliably low monthly rate on a property.

How Greenville, SC Mortgage Rates Compare
Greenville SC morgages

Greenville’s average mortgage rates are slightly higher than the overall state average, which is likely a reflection of the community’s increasing real estate demand.

Greenville is growing on both the commercial and residential real estate fronts, creating a mutually supportive environment. Business growth brings more people to the area, which in turn bolsters housing developments and fuels future commercial growth.

What It Means for Greenville Homebuyers

Greenville SC morgages
National housing prices have been on a steady, but fairly steep, increase for almost a decade.

South Carolina’s housing market has been growing even faster, and Greenville’s even more. These higher prices are indicative of a flourishing, up-and-coming area. In fact, Greenville ranked #22 on U.S. News’ Best Places to Live list this year for its growth, success in the manufacturing industry, big-city convenience (minus the bustle) and low cost of living.

Fortunately for homebuyers, fairly low mortgage rates help lessen the blow of higher-priced properties. Buyers with good credit looking to purchase a home are in a great position to invest in a high-value area with low interest.

In light of this current local housing boom, low mortgage rates present a great opportunity for locals and prospective residents, especially considering the fact that Greenville is projected to continue growing. The residential real estate market now offers high-value homes at low interest rates. Buyers now have the chance to invest in property likely to continue accumulating value at a relatively low fixed rate.

First-Time Homebuyer?
Greenville SC morgages

For first-time homebuyers, Arthur State Bank offers special rates and terms – including no PMI. Learn more about our mortgage specials in our overview.

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