Debit Cards

Make purchases with confidence using our secure chipped debit cards, and take control of your spending with our CardValet app.

Let us help your business grow.

Let us help your business grow.

Debit Card Benefits

  • Secure with EMV Chip – Embedded chips in our cards to help make transactions more secure, as well as keeping cards from being duplicated.
  • No-Wait Card Production – We now make our cards in our branches and can have one ready for you with minimal wait time.
  • Travel Abroad – Notify the bank when you are traveling internationally in order to keep your card secure and active.
  • Card Valet App – Our Card Valet App gives you the ability to personalize your security settings on your card. Think your card may be lost or stolen; you are only an app away from securing your card.


Download the “Card Valet Reference Guide” here.

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Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet is secure and easy to use! Simply add your Arthur State Bank credit or debit card to Google Pay™, Samsung Pay™, or Apply Pay™. These apps use fingerprint authentication so you are in control to pay with your phone almost anywhere!