Trust & Wealth

When it comes to protecting and transferring wealth, trusts are among the most valuable instruments in today’s estate planning toolbox.

Gain the peace of mind a well planned trust can provide.

Gain the peace of mind a well planned trust can provide.

Trust Banking Services

We offer a full compliment of Personal Fiduciary Services including:

  • Estate Settlement
  • Living Trust
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Bill Paying Accounts
  • Conservatorships
  • Record-keeping & Vault Services
  • Trust Administration Custody Accounts
  • IRAs
  • Cash & Investment Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Managing Agency

Trust Accounts

For the investor seeking solutions to estate planning, tax issues, or long-term management of assets:

  • Living Trust, Charitable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts (for education or long-term healthcare), Insurance Trusts, Standby Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Trusts Under Will

Investment Management Accounts

To achieve the long-term financial goals established through a careful planning process with the client

  • Investment education for first-time investors or people seeking a change in long-term goal strategies
  • Management of assets based on long-range planning and income projections for cash requirements
  • Customized portfolio to meet the needs of the individual – we recognize that every individual’s goals and needs are different

Custodial Accounts

For the investor who wants to manage his own portfolio without all the paperwork of executing trades or tracking dividends

  • Self-directed IRAs for the retiree seeking to rollover stock or other mutual fund assets from an Employer Sponsored Plan
  • Cash Management that includes paying bills, keeping accurate records for tax preparation and investment of excess cash until needed

Estate Settlement

Arthur State Bank can serve as personal representative under a will for the settlement of an individual’s estate. The customer has the assurance that their estate will be administered by knowledgeable and professional staff members.

Additional Benefits

Safety and Security
Having all assets under one umbrella for management provides an overall picture of net worth. Assets are organized and invested in a prudent manner. The client is relieved of the day-to-day management of financial affairs and has time to devote to other activities. Family members have less reason to worry that their loved one’s affairs are being managed properly.

Flexibility in Management
Through the use of trusts an individual can arrange for transfer of wealth upon death and possibly minimize the amount of estate tax due while allowing for current needs to be met.

Professional Resources
We provide professional management in a personal quality manner and act as a resource for information and assistance. Our trust staff has over 30 years experience in the trust and financial industries.

Please Note:
Investment products offered through our Trust Department at Arthur State Bank are not FDIC-Insured; Not Bank Guaranteed: and may lose value.