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Home Equity Loans

Emergencies happen. You might need to make an expensive home repair, pay for a medical bill, or help cover any other unexpected expense for you or a loved one. In a perfect world, we would all have enough savings to cover emergencies, but that’s often not the reality. If you’re a homeowner, though, you may…Read More→

How Do I Know Which Type of Trust I Need?

A trust is a powerful estate-planning tool for seamlessly transferring wealth to beneficiaries, avoiding probate and minimizing estate taxes.  With a trust, you can protect your legacy and closely manage fund distribution.  Different types of trusts suit different purposes, and the right trust for you depends on your situation, beneficiaries and the level of flexibility…Read More→

What’s Unique About a Commercial Loan for a Non-Profit Organization?

Since non-profit organizations are funded through donations, obtaining a loan is a daunting process. However, loans are an important vehicle for achieving funding to contribute to social good. And, fortunately, they’re not quite as complicated as they may seem. Let’s take a look at non-profit commercial banking loans and how specialists like Arthur State Bank,…Read More→

How A Community Bank Adds Value to Your Small Business

Running a small business is extremely difficult. Time management is one of the biggest challenges small business owners face, according to a survey by Guidant Financial. You’re handling technology, customer service, hiring and more, and it gets to be a lot. One way to lighten your load is to find a commercial banking partner who…Read More→

What Type of Business Loan Do I Need?

Getting a business off the ground takes hard work, initiative, and funding. Keeping that business going regardless of what comes your way requires even more dedication—and funding. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, comprising 99.9 percent of all businesses in the United States, according to the Small Business Association.

Reasons Why a Community Bank Can Serve You Better

When you’re looking for a bank, there’s no lack of choices. From online banks to corporate banks to local banks, it can be a challenge to choose the right one. Community banks in South Carolina offer residents a wide array of benefits. What sets them apart? Are they a better choice than national banks? Here’s…Read More→