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Find a Realtor to
Represent You

In a home sale, both the buyer and seller are typically represented by an agent.Selling agent: Agent to the buyer (you). Also referred to as a buyer’s agent.Listing agent: Agent to the seller. Also referred to as a seller’s agent.

Teachers: Did You Know You May Qualify for Special Mortgage Terms?

The back-to-school season is an exciting time for teachers. If you’re a teacher, you probably spent the summer working on lesson plans, collaborating with colleagues and maybe even spared a moment or two to relax. We know you work hard and we appreciate all the work that you do. As a teacher, you may qualify…Read More→

Managing Your Debit or Credit Card with CardValet

Managing your money shouldn’t be a hassle. However, keeping up with family or employee spending can be difficult, especially when frequent news stories about data breaches make security a constant concern. At Arthur State Bank, we value our traditional approach to customer service. When it comes to technology, though, we know you need innovative solutions….Read More→